Das kommt gerade über den Ticker: PLAYMOBIL to Re-Launch Ten International E-Commerce Sites on Demandware

[…] Demandware (www.demandware.com), today announced that international toy manufacturer and retailer Geobra Brandstätter, owner of the PLAYMOBIL brand, has chosen the Demandware E-Commerce platform on which to re-launch ten country-specific E-Commerce sites. Demandware partner T-Systems Multimedia Solutions will develop and deliver the sites on the Demandware E-Commerce platform.

Demandware provides an on-demand, Software-as-a Service (SaaS)-based enterprise-class E-Commerce platform. This delivery model frees retailers from the need to purchase expensive hardware and software and automatically provides them with the latest E-Commerce technology and best practices as they are made available. Demandware’s on-demand model also makes it possible for retailers to manage products across multiple international sites while maintaining a consistent global brand: retailers can easily modify specific product attributes such as description and pricing, and further localize the site to comply with country-specific regulations, while maintaining a consistent look and customer experience.

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is part of T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG., and develops eBusiness solutions for both global corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. Demandware recently announced a comprehensive partnership agreement under which T-Systems will provide European hosting, implementation, consulting and design services to deliver turnkey E-Commerce websites, deployed on the Demandware E-Commerce platform, to European businesses and US-based companies that wish to launch international E-Commerce sites. T-Systems will implement ten country specific E-Commerce sites for PLAYMOBIL, with American sites hosted in the US and European sites hosted in Europe to conform with European data privacy standards.

„We needed an E-Commerce solution that would enable us to manage multiple international sites while maintaining a consistent global brand,“ said Michael Konzmann, PLAYMOBIL Director of E-Commerce. „Further, we needed a solution that could scale with our online retail channel and accommodate seasonal peaks in activity without requiring us to purchase expensive hardware and software. The combination of Demandware’s flexible, scalable E-Commerce platform with T-Systems‘ development, localization and hosting capabilities meets our specific merchandizing and global branding requirements while minimizing both our one-time and ongoing costs.“ […]

T-Systems, Demandware und Playmobil
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