neues Intershop Webinar

he theme of the webinar is TheBakery … processing ebusiness and will be presented by Klaus Skripalle, CEO The Bakery GmbH.

TheBakery is an IT-company based in Berlin, Germany and mainly focuses on processing e-business, giving special prominence to an active process control of customer orders.
TheBakery runs a high performance transaction platform, which is capable of coordinating all ordering related processes and service providers as a central link in real-time.

Via interfaces or by using an administrative interface an unlimited number of suppliers, service providers and online shops can be connected to TheBakery’s transaction platform.All connected online shops may directly resort to a wide range of products offered by each supplier and are provided with up-to-date article details like images, texts, prices and availabilities.

Online shops do not have to bear any commodity risks or storage costs, because all items are stored and directly shipped by suppliers. This ensures a fast and economic way of order processing and a sustainable access to the long-tail.
In return, suppliers benefit from every shop that is connected to the transaction platform, increasing their sales prospects and stock turnover.

Due to TheBakery’s long-term experience in e-business, they also provide suppliers and online shops with consulting services to enter new business areas and to realise innovative e-commerce solutions.

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neues Intershop Webinar
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